Thai Massage

Thai Massage or Thai Yoga Massage as it’s sometimes called is an intensive treatment, practised on a futon. Combining assisted yoga, compression and joint mobilisation. Thai Massage is great for improving range of motion, increasing energy and alertness.

Is Thai Massage for me?

Thai massage is an extremely effective therapy that uses a wide range of strokes, stretches, and holds to treat your unique needs. Thai massage is an incredibly diverse , and as such can easily be used to treat distress points in the body or give the patient a relaxing and nurturing overall experience.

About your Thai massage treatment

Before your massage

When you book an appointment we will ask you to fill out a consultation form. This form will ask about any current medical conditions you might have alongside more general questions about your wellbeing. This information will allow your therapist to design the best treatment approach for you. Please rest assured that any information you provide us will stored securely and 100% confidential.

When you arrive for your massage you will have the opportunity to have a chat with your therapist about the areas you would like them to work on.

This massage is done completely clothed.  Please wear soft, loose clothing for maximum comfort.

During your Massage

This treatment is given on a futon on the floor. To experience the full benefits of Thai Massage you should try to be as relaxed and passive as possible. Unlike massage on the table you will not be lying still on your front or back during the massage, your therapist will guide your body through the various positions and postures required to experience the benefits of this unique treatment.

You may experience some discomfort during your treatment. Let your therapist know if you feel any pain. They will reduce the pressure. It is important to speak to your therapist as each person has different tolerance levels.


After your massage

It is not unusual to feel some pain and stiffness after your treatment, but this should go away after a day or two, leaving you feeling less tense. Massage, especially deep tissue, has the same effects on the body as exercise in terms of increasing blood flow and stretching.

Light stretching and a nice relaxing bath will help your body recover.

Thai Massage Benefits



Increases the free flow of energy & boosts circulation


Improved digestion


Increased flexibility


Relief from neck, shoulder and back pain


Stress relief and relaxation

I felt a little dazed after my first Thai treatment with Colin. I had no idea my body was holding onto so much tension!

Over the next few days I experienced a huge surge in energy, my yoga improved and I was in a fanststic mood!


Thai Yoga Massage origns and uses

Thai Yoga Massage (aka Lazy Yoga) is the integration of osteopathic principles and techniques into TYM, a bridge between East and West. It’s the tradition of bodywork that Mai Thai martial artists use when training and it’s one of our premium services. TYM is practised on a futon; the patient wears light comfortable clothing. The therapist uses not only his hands but also his feet, knees, elbows and whole body. This makes for a rich and colourful approach; ask your therapist for more details.

Theoretically, Thai Yoga Massage is based on the concept of energy lines, the Sen. Working the lines by acupressure and stretching can treat the whole body by opening and releasing energy, physical or emotional.

Thai Yoga Massage promotes general health and well-being. It has a double purpose. On the preventive side, it activates the free flow of energy and improves circulation, digestion, breathing capacity, body posture, flexibility, as well as releasing nervous tension. On the therapeutic side, it can cure a large number of pathologies such as lower back pain, headaches, digestive problems, stress, insomnia, nervous imbalance, neck and shoulder problems.

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