Scaravelli Yoga

Scaravelli Yoga presents an opportunity to develop awareness of our bodies innate primal movement. Allowing a Yoga practice to arise organically as your body unwinds, unfurls and you learn to let go.

Is Yoga tuition for me?

Not only will Yoga tuition help with mobility and over all range of motion, it can be used as a tool to aid in emotional/mental health. Yoga practiced in this way encourages us to cultivate self-awareness and express compassion through that awareness.

Yoga Workshops

Your yoga session


Yoga Workshop:
Sundays @ 11am to 1pm, Cost: £20.


When you book your first Yoga Workshop online we’ll ask you to fill out a consultation form. This form will ask about any current medical conditions you might have alongside more general questions about your wellbeing. Please rest assured that any information you provide us will stored securely and 100% confidential.

When you arrive for Yoga you’ll have an opportunity to chat with your teacher before we begin.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing that you can freely move around in. Yoga mats are provided.

During the session


We break details of the postures down, looking at how holding patters in our body affect us. Making us feel stuck! A key aim is to lengthen and release the spine and never to compromise the comfort of the spine to achieve any particular shape. So postures aren’t forced onto the body – the body is encouraged to open into the postures.

Classes/workshops are for people of mixed abilities from the absolute beginner to the more advanced.


After your yoga session


You’ll often experience lightness as you begin to move with ease, the nervous systems will come out of a ‘fight or flight’ response. Students often report that they have an excellent night sleep and reduction in stress.

Implementing these teachings into a short daily practice will enhance your whole life.

Scaravelli Yoga Benefits


Increases the free flow of energy & boosts circulation


Improved digestion


Increased strength and flexibility


Alleviate chronic conditions, such as depression, pain, anxiety and insomnia.



Yoga inspired by Vanda Scaravelli


For more than twenty-five years, until her death at the age of 91, Vanda Scaravelli was transforming bodies and lives with her innovative approach to yoga. Violinist Yehudi Menuhin introduced her to B.K.S. Iyengar whom he had invited to Gstaad, Switzerland, where Vanda rented a chalet each year. Iyengar taught daily classes to J.Krishnamurti who spent his summers there giving annual talks. As Vanda explains, Iyengar “was so kind as to give me a lesson in life each day as well.”

The movements in this style of Yoga are simple/gentle and will be specific to what comes up for you. Keeping the body open and free isn’t difficult but it does involve developing a daily practice. A little everyday can really make a big difference. Pandiculation is an all-over yawning (like a dog or cat), similar to when you wake up in the morning. It’s this type of restful opening in the body that we work towards creating. The emphasis of this approach is not on achieving postures, but to use them to undo tension. Using a pandiculatory quality in movement is a safe alternative to stretching.


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