My name is Colin Shreenan

Aches, pains and restricted movement can take the joy out of life.

Whether your trying to push yourself in your favourite sport or activity or just get through the day without feeling like the tin man, you have come to the right place.

Maybe you…

  • Have never had a massage before
  • Don’t know what kind of treatment you need
  • Have tried different kinds of treatment but nothing really worked

Don’t worry, I understand your frustration. Here’s the thing… I believe that pain free, unrestricted movement is possible for most people regardless of how much they have neglected their body in the past.

We’re going to put the work in to bring ease and joyful movement to your body. Trust me, it could be possible!

Patiant guidance

“Whenever I visit Glasgow I make sure to book in with Colin to recover from the long haul flight.The individual attention and patient guidance Colin offers in his sessions releases tension and restores balance.”


Marjorie Cohan aged 71

Cyclist, runner, speedskater and energetic grandmother

Over the last 12 years, I’ve trained in a range of complementary therapies. Here are some of my  qualifications:

  • Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Structural/Integrated Anatomy
  • Hatha Raja Yoga
  • Myofascial Release (a system that evaluates the fascia by using osteopathic methods, craniosacral therapy, structural integration and physical therapy)
  • Advanced Thai Yoga Massage



Massage Therapist, yogi and proud hufflepuff

My Yoga practice is influenced by the teachings of the Italian Yoga Teacher Vanda Scaravelli. This form of Yoga marries well with structural massage. Scaravelli Yoga is a gentle practice which is wonderful for the whole body especially the spine. In my experience it’s the closest modality to structural massage that can easily be applied wherever you are.

My interest in Massage Therapy came from the idea that touch can therapeutically aid emotional and physical health. After working as a massage therapist for a while people would come from all over with many different ailments and complaints. As I enjoy problem solving the never ending puzzle that was presented kept me interest for more than twelve years. I am constantly expanding my knowledge on this subject and keeping up to date with the latest research.

Thai Yoga Massage (aka lazy yoga) really was an opportunity for me to join Yoga and Massage Therapy together. I’m fortunate enough to learn from highly skilled teachers who value the science of the West and the traditions of the East. My natural physical strength and sensitive nature help me to create a unique take on this ancient art form. Most of all I enjoy Thai Massage because it’s fun and highly effective.

My treatment approach

When considering your treatment I take everything into account: your posture, your job, your body type, the activities you do. Once I have  a clear picture in my mind I’ll apply a collaboration of corrective techniques that can help you get the most out of each session.

“Auld age disnae come by itself”. ~ Nana

I love to help someone who’s suffering with pain, or someone escape reality for a while and chill, or watch the progression of someone’s yoga practice. It’s not always an easy job but it is highly rewarding to be of service.

The Treatment Rooms

Yoma studio

28 Barfillan Avenue,
G52 1AA