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Recover from aches and pains with our massage therapy and yoga based mobility programme

perform at your best

We combine massage therapy with an intelligent, yoga inspired, mobility programme, helping you look after the integrity of your body.

Start with Massage Therapy if you have any type of restriction in your body that causes discomfort. Regularly top-up to get the best result from treatment.

If you’re looking for a more intensive full body MOT book a Thai Massage (aka Lazy Yoga) or have ongoing movement sessions with our one to one Yoga Tuition.

Injury prevention and recovery

Pain free mobility

Confident movement

Massage Therapy & Yoga Tuition in Glasgow South Side


Massage therapy combines classical western techniques from Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release (a manual physical therapy that can evaluate fascia using craniosacral therapy, osteopathic methods and structural integration).

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Thai Massage

Thai Massage (aka Lazy Yoga) is an intensive treatment, practised on a futon. Combining assisted yoga, compression and joint mobilization; Thai Massage is great for improving range of motion, increasing energy and alertness.

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Yoga tuition focuses on structural health and movement. Working with the breath and gravity to obtain optimal range of motion with minimal effort. The result is a deeply relaxed, expansive feeling in the body.

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Movement restored

“I have been having treatments from Colin for about 3 years or more now. I am a surgeon, and its an occupational hazard to have stiff muscles and joints at the end of the week. Colin uses a range of techniques individualised to your needs and I come out from his studio with a sense of being pain-free and am able to move my neck and back as it should be! I would thoroughly recommend Colin to all, everyone who, like me, has visited numerous therapists and never really found what they needed.”



Smruta Shanbhag


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