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Recover from aches and pains with our primal and functional movement based mobility programme designed to help restore ease and joyful movement.

‘Check-in’ and join our regular classes and workshops as part of your fitness and mobility training to achieve the best result from your body and stay on-top of your game.

If you’re overcoming injury or want to maintain longevity we are the secret weapon for athletes who understand the importance of mobility training in fitness.

If you’re seriously in it for the long run and want to ‘check-in’ for injury rehab’ or prehab’ get started today.

Injury prevention and recovery

Pain free mobility

Confident movement

Primal and functional movement in Southside

Mobility Training


Mobility Training will help you get the best result from your bodies structural capability and achieve pain-free movement. Working with the breath and gravity to obtain optimal range of motion with minimal effort. The result is a deeply relaxed, expansive, open feeling.

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Movement restored

“I have been having treatments from Colin for about 3 years or more now. I am a surgeon, and its an occupational hazard to have stiff muscles and joints at the end of the week. Colin uses a range of techniques individualised to your needs and I come out from his studio with a sense of being pain-free and am able to move my neck and back as it should be! I would thoroughly recommend Colin to all, everyone who, like me, has visited numerous therapists and never really found what they needed.”



Smruta Shanbhag


The Treatment Rooms

Yoma studio

28 Barfillan Avenue,
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